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Gain confidence in successful execution of your vision

With rapidly growing demand to respond in real time to changing business conditions, an outside-in perspective offers a significant value to evaluate your organizations readiness for a change.


Strategic Assessments by FourSteps lays down the foundation for executing your vision by aligning road-maps, budgets, and goals with strategic objectives. It enables you to measure current performance, future state goals and build a tangible execution strategy with confidence.


Key deliverables include a comprehensive Strategic Road-map, that outlines your challenges, recommendations to alleviate challenges, capabilities required to implement the recommendations, KPI’s to measure the success and failure of the implementation, budgetary costs, high level approach and prioritized initiatives estimated timelines.

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Health Check

  • Evaluation of your current environment

  • Identify pain points and impediments

  • Recommendations to make it better

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Cost Estimates

  • Budgetary cost estimates for strategic initiatives

  • Potential task and resource breakdown  

Asset 7.png

Strategic Roadmap

  • Step by step road-map with estimated schedule, benefits realization and ROI

  • Launch date of POC for the business critical initiative

Asset 3.png

Capability Map

  • Capability Map for the recommendations required for your corporate’s success

  • Strategic Initiatives for the roll out of capabilities

Asset 6.png


  • End State Vision

  • Proposed scalable solutions for the strategic initiatives in alignment with End State Vision

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