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Value added services for your Biz and IT operations
Startup Development Team

Companies across many industries have many processes and systems undocumented. Primarily due to employee churn, lack of skills and or training and change in ownership.


This leads to disastrous circumstances when you want to make changes to a process or upgrade your systems. We ensure that documentation and training are baked in the project timelines committed to our clients.

Today, CICD is the top goal for CIO's and QA Automation services offered by FourSteps makes it a reality.  Leverage Four Steps QA Automation services to give a rapid boost to your software release cycle.



  • Environment documentation

  • System Admin Procedures

  • User On-boarding

  • Business Flows

  • IT Procedures


QA Automation

  • Develop QA Automation Suits for your business systems to support your CICD strategy

  • Metrics dashboard for real time visibility



  • IT System Maintenance Training

  • Business System Operations Training

  • New features DEMO


QA Manual

  • Develop and Execute QA Manual Scripts for your business systems

  • Metrics reporting and dashboard updates.

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